A REUNION? We have been researching venues...

Occasionally we hear from old fans, who invariably ask:  Wouldn't a re-union of Mel, Mel & Julian be wonderful?

The band was planning to re-unite in South Africa in 2018 for a few dates in the Johannesburg area... Due to complications that will not be happening as we had hoped,
although some research is still going on...


Mel, Mel & Julian from an interview in a Durban newspaper, drawn by Jock Leyden, who got it right!

 Mel Miller continues his stellar career as Grandfather of South African comedy at shows around South Africa.

   Julian Laxton continues to make his own great music, plus sessions, sound-tracks, commercials around South Africa.  
   Mel Green is a Graphic Designer, Painter, and Illustrator. He still makes music as a songwriter and performs regularly  around Boston, USA...
  Watch this space and your local media for news of future shows!

Once upon a time in the 60s...

How Mel & Mel met: where they performed; when Julian joined the band; who they met along the way; their influences and the key people in their brief, but sweet career ... and what they're up to today. Enjoy!

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Influences & Earworms...

Two young guys singing in an art school classroom at lunch hour to appreciative listeners, and the realization that they had something special.

Key people and places in their career:

The Troubadour Coffee/Steakhouse in Johannesburg, THE folk club where it was happening!

Gary Bryden, Brit folkie, who got Little Mel up on stage at the Troub in the first place.

Keith Blundell, who auditioned Mel & Mel and who without hesitation offered them a weekly gig at the Johannesburg Troubadour..

Des Lindberg who hired the band and kept them on at the Troubadour as headliners, when they weren't playing full-time at their long hotel residencies.

Ben Segal, quiet folk fanatic and founder of SAFMA, the South African Folk Music Association, and 3rd Ear Music, who opened his vast collection of music and his hospitality to the guys. 

Johnny Kongos, friend and a hit-making rock & roller, who encouraged them & introduced them to...

John E. Sharpe, a wonderful bluesman, who was managed by...

Billy Forrest, South Africa's greatest C&W singer and mentor to many young musicians, who became their manager, friend and guiding light.

Brenda Newfield, a wonderful folksinger, who gave Mel  & Mel some of their first gigs, and who opened up her home & her record collection to them, thus helping them expand their repertoire. 

David Sapire, a photographer and a fan who also helped with their repertoire, and who most significantly... introduced Mel and Mel  to his brother Julian!

Mike Dorsey, entrepreneur & club owner on the Durban music scene, became a fan, a mentor and helped the band in many ways.

Their influences. They  listened to everything possible, at parties, record shops, friend's living rooms, records and reel-to-reel tapes... absorbing everything that appealed to their evolving musical tastes and their developing musical skills. 

See the BLOG PAGE which has a list of recording artists and songs which first caught their ear(s) and whose styles and genres were adapted to suit their style, carrying on the "the folk-process" down in South Africa.


Historic Reference

In 1994 Mel, Mel & Julian were acknowledged and included in the book, "History of Contemporary Music in South Africa"...taking their place as one of few notable folk groups to make an impression on the evolving contemporary music scene.

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As Mel Miller once said during the folk boom of the 60s: "Bah! Ethnic-shmethnic...
who cares as long as it's good folk music!"

This CD compilation is a collection of the traditional songs that the trio recorded on their three original LPs, during the 60s. It has been compiled as a "public domain" sampler of their interpretation of the music, which shows their command of a wide range of folk music styles from many corners of the globe ... 19th and 20th century rural America, pre-Industrial revolution England, the Gypsies of Europe, life in backwoods Canada, rural Ireland and 17th century Australia. 





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*This album was originally recorded in 1965 and was previously titled Mel & Mel: "Songs about mines, people, places, and one train" Re-issued in 2005 as "Ethnic/Shmethnic"


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Both albums on one CD, now available as a 27 song Two-fer!

One More Town was originally released in 1966, their second release included a mix of songs from the singer-songwriter movement including Dylan, Lightfoot, John Stewart, Tommy Makem, Steve Gillette, Ian Tyson, Billy Ed Wheeler, Barry McGuire, Buffy St. Marie, Ewen McColl and even Peggy Lee. This mix reflects their growing repertoire – ballads, love songs, protest songs and songs about drifters, cowboys, miners, laborers and everyday people. 

“These recordings were our most ambitious and we included an eclectic collection of tunes from all genres of the folk-music umbrella, including ballads, country-blues, ragtime, jug band, big-city blues and songs by contemporary singer-songwriters.”

Ox Drivers Song • For Loving Me • Gold Wedding Ring • Don't Think Twice • Hangman •  One More Town •Paddy McGinty's Goat • Darcy Farrow • Erev Shel Shoshanim • Red Velvet • Early Morning Rain

 Plus BONUS TRACKS* • 5oo Miles • Sorrow and Pain* 

 * 5oo Miles plus Sorrow & Pain, were the first recordings Mel & Mel ever made, backed up by their friends, blues band, Johnny Sharpe and the Squires

 Miscellanea was released in 1967.... it is a compilation, with all kinds of "folk" songs, Old Ballads, modern songs by Dylan, Richard Farina and Gordon Lightfoot, Big City and Country Blues by Chuck Berry and Robert Johnson, an early Vaudeville Ragtime tune, a coal miner's song by Billy Ed Wheeler and two originals, one by Mel Miller – a love song, and the other an instrumental by Julian Laxton.

 • Sixteen Miles • The Water Is Wide • No Money Down • Gypsy Rover • Fare Thee Well Kirsten • Traveling Riverside Blues • Crazy Words Crazy Tune • Pack Up Your Sorrows • Beverly • Sinner Man • Irish Rover

 Plus BONUS TRACKS • Walking Down The Line• Pack up Your Sorrows

* Which were recorded when the group won the Springbok Radio Battle of the Bands! 

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"I'm Taking My Time" includes 13 of Mel's compositions. Recorded in 2010

“...Something of a minor GEM, songs that reverberate long after the CD has finished spinning. We give it 4 out of 5 stars!” Maverick Digital Music Magazine, UK

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“A lot of hard work and effort has gone into this! A very unique neoclassical/folk/baroque style... Much variety in the instrumentation. The people chosen to play really add to the overall sound. Mel's voice is clear and true... a beautiful end product! Nice work.” Mac McLanahan, Artistic Director, Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA

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